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Top Ten Basketball Slogans

Penn State has adopted a slogan for their athletic program that goes, "Success With Honor". I think this does a great job of capturing the essence of Penn State sports, except for the basketball team which hasn't had much success this millennium. So I'm suggesting some new slogans for the Penn State men's basketball team. So without further ado, the top 10 Penn State Baksetball Slogans:

10. Come study at the Jordan Center. It's quieter than the library!

  1. Penn State Hoops: Hey, we're better than Northwestern!
  2. Winning isn't everything. Keep telling yourself that!
  3. Come see the best basketball the Big Ten has to offer! Just watch the other team!
  4. Building a national basketball powerhouse one mediocre season at a time! (HT: Building The Dam)
  5. We have better things to do in March!
  6. Winning isn't everything, but it would be nice once in a while.
  7. Returning to glory since...well, we're still trying to get there.
  8. Winning is for losers.
  9. Our outside shooters are the best! Unfortunately, we play indoors.
So there you have it. Add your own in the comments.