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From the Mouths of Babes

It's funny how some 17 year old kids have the ability to make thousands of people close the door to their office and click the refresh button literally every five seconds. When they speak they instantly send one part of the country into euphoric joy while another part of the country goes into an angry rage. They cause message boards to explode into virtual high fives while other boards get completely shut down. They cause one group of fans to sing the praises of their chosen teams coaches, while the other fans question, and speculate, and lash out at theirs. Broderick Green is one of those kids.

It seemed like a no brainer to us Penn State fans. USC is on the verge of going under investigation. Pete Carroll is rumored to be the hottest NFL coaching prospect around. They have signed eight blue chip running backs in the past two years. Penn State on the other hand is a clean program with no suspicions of violations. We have a stable coaching staff. But most importantly, we have a depleted running back depth chart that would have assured him a starting position by his sophomore year and a great chance for stardom.

Alas, Broderick Green chose USC today. I guess when it came down to it the glitz and glamour of LA was too much to resist. USC offers Snoop Dogg, song girls, and neverending sunshine. Penn State offers rain, snow, and cow pastures. They have a young and hip head coach that caters to young players making them feel like stars. We have an 80 year old head coach that probably will not be around when this class graduates. They guarantee recruits Heisman trophies while the only thing JoePa guarantees is if you don't go to class you will not play.

This is the path we have chosen at Penn State. That's why Penn State is not for everyone. It's a system meant to weed out certain players and bring out the best in others. That's why the phrase "We are Penn State" means more to us than anyone outside of our family can ever understand.

I want to make a point to say I hold no ill feelings toward Broderick Green for his decision. He verballed to USC months ago and what he did today was uphold his commitment. Never once did he publicly say he was going to Penn State, so you can't say he went back on his word. He handled himself with class and dignity throughout the entire process. I wish him well. But if four years from now he's riding the bench not seeing any playing time behind USC's next Heisman Trophy winner, I along with the entire Nittany Nation will shake our heads wondering what could have been.