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Blue-White Roundtable

It's National Letter of Intent day, so that means it's Wednesday, and that means it's time for another round of the Blue-White Roundtable. Yours truly has the questions this week so this is the awkward part of the rotation where I talk to myself. Enjoy.

Now that the Colts won the Super Bowl, do we have to lump Peyton Manning into the list of "greatest quarterbacks evar!" along with names like Dan Marino, John Elway, Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, Bart Starr, and Joe Montana?

Perhaps, but I think it might be a bit early yet. Some of the greatest quarterbacks were known for winning multiple championships. Heck, Jeff Hostetler and Trent Dilfer have Super Bowl rings. But I think Manning will get there. He has 37,000 career passing yards now. Play another four years and get to the 50,000 mark along with his Super Bowl ring and MVP and it will be hard to keep him out of that group.

What were your favorite and least favorite Super Bowl commercials this year?

Hands down the worst was the Snickers commercial with the two guys kissing. Ick. I threw up in my mouth and had to go take a shower after that one.

I liked the commercials with the office people working in the jungle. Was that Office Max or something? Who cares. They were funny. The 80-year old guy trying his first Coke was good too. Did anyone else notice Pepsi was conspicuously absent this year? They usually have some of the best commercials.

Mothers of 18 year old boys beware. Urban Meyer is stealing your children in the middle of the night. Should the NCAA step in and put a stop to this practice of continuing to recruit a kid after he has given a verbal commitment? Or should coaches be allowed to contact players that have given a verbal?

I think it's coming down the road soon. As if coaches don't do enough work running all over the country recruiting these kids, now you have to defend your turf once a kid verbally commits to your school. Florida wins the MNC and now they are stealing everyone else's recruits. That leaves some programs really out there to dry after you think you have your next starter all wrapped up and tell other kids to pound sand. Plus, I think if you took away the ability to de-commit a lot of these kids would take more time to weigh their options and make their decisions and that would be better for them.

If you were on the NCAA rules committee this year, what would you change for 2007?

First and foremost bye-bye rule 3-2-5e. The clock rules this year were terrible. Some studies report the average game was shortened by 18 plays. That's less plays, less scoring, and less football so we can fit in more commercials. That sucks.

The other thing I would do is change the overtime rules so teams start at the 40 yard line instead of the 25. I think you should at least have to get one first down to have a decent shot at a field goal. It seems dumb to get stuffed by the defense and be allowed to kick a 35 yard field goal. The penalty for the offense and reward for great defense should be better.

Man, I just got to the point where I could spell Posluszny without looking it up. Now we got a few more verbals last week in Chimaeze Okoli and Drew Astorino. Not exactly blue chip players. Do we need Broderick Green to salvage this recruiting class or are we ok as it is?

I think if we don't get Green we'll be ok for 2007 and possibly 2008 if Royster or Brent Carter develop. But it will be essential to the program that they land one at the minimum but preferably two blue chip running backs in next years recruiting class. Fortunately, there is loads of running back talent in Pennsylvania and New Jersey to be had next year. But don't get me wrong. I along with everyone else in Nittany Nation want Broderick Green badly.

The discrimination case between Rene Portland and Jennifer Harris has reached a settlement. Do you think everyone can move on from here or will this continue to hang over the women's basketball program like a dark cloud?

I'm not sure. Discriminating against the gay and lesbian society at Penn State is usually suicide for your career. I think this is the first step to moving on. Portland seems to have the support of the athletic department and university administration. A large portion of the student body hasn't forgotten and will not let Portland or the University forget either. It's going to take a few years until students move on and a new wave of students not familiar with the situation move in, but I think they will get past it.

Lightning Round

What are the odds Broderick Green gives Pete Carroll the finger and comes to Happy Valley?

We'll find out today. I'm going to say 75%.

Everyone is dying to know your picks for the Daytona 500.

Really? Well, since you asked I have to go with my boy, defending Daytona 500 and Nextel Cup Champion Jimmie Johnson. Anyone interested in Black Shoe Diaries becoming SBNation's unofficial NASCAR blog? Since only one person voted for NASCAR in my poll, and I know I voted for NASCAR, I'm guessing not.

What the hell are we going to blog about between now and August?

I have some stuff planned. Next week I will post an inventory of my desk and tell you all about my trip to the bank.

That's all for this week. Go check out The Nittany Line and Run Up the Score to get their responses. Then check back here all day as I host an LOI open thread and keep you up to date on Letter of Intent day.