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Letter of Intent Day Open Thread

Today is Christmas for the recruitniks out there. I'll be hosting this open thread all day, so check back to see who has faxed in their letter of intent. The highlight of the day happens at 1:25 EST when highly coveted running back Broderick Green holds his press conference to announce his decision between Penn State, USC, and Ohio State. I'll have his decision for you as soon as I can get it. For now, here are the list of players who have already faxed in their letters. Remember, Jon Ditto, Nick Sukay and Ako Poti have already enrolled at Penn State, so they will not be faxing a letter today.

K - Ryan Breen
OL - Josh Marks
LB - Chris Colasanti
DL - Kevion Latham
TE - Andrew Szczerba
DB - Chaz Powell
DB - Joey Suhey
DL - Devon Still

Check back later for updates. I'll try to inform you of any surprises from rival teams as they happen. Feel free to leave comments and discuss.

[UPDATE - 9:45 AM]

First interesting twist of the day. Saint Francis TE Rhett Ellison has de-committed from VA Tech and signed with USC. Here's the interesting part.

"I decided to switch my commitment to USC today," said Ellison. "I've de-committed from V-Tech after a scholarship from USC opened up on Monday."

Didn't Broderick Green have a meeting with his family and high school football coach to discuss his future on Monday? Do you think perhaps Green informed the USC coaches he was going to Penn State opening up a scholarship? Sure sounds like a funny coincidence to me. We'll know for sure this afternoon. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE - 10:50 AM]

LB Andrew Dailey and DB Stephfon Green are in.

[UPDATE - 12:00 PM]

OL J.B. Walton has sent in his LOI, again. Walton gray shirted this year. OL Nerraw McCormack also faxed in his letter.

In other news, Notre Dame is taking some serious hits today. Remember a few weeks ago their prized DL recruit Justin Trattou decommitted from the Irish and picked Florida. Now 4* WR Chris Little and 4* OL Greg Little have both decommitted for UNC and Georgia respectively. A few weeks ago Charlie Weis had a top 10 recruiting class. Now he may slip out of the top 20.

[UPDATE - 12:10 PM]

LB Nate Stupar is in.

According to Rivals Radio, 5* running back Joe McKnight has committed to USC. More good news pointing to Broderick Green signing with PSU. Stay tuned. We'll find out for sure at 1:30 PM EST.

[UPDATE - 1:00 PM]

More letters faxed in.
WR - Derrick Moye
DL - Chimaeze Okoli
DB - Drew Astorino is reporting now that there might be a delay in Broderick Green's announcement. I don't know if that means they are pushing back the time of the press conference or if that means he is not going to make a decision today. Oh vey!

[UPDATE - 1:30 PM]

Just a slight delay. Apparently the basketball class going on in the gymnasium before the press conference ran over. They are setting up now and we should know Green's decision shortly. Hang in there.

[UPDATE - 2:00 PM]

Green chooses USC. Close the door to your office now. Commence kicking desk and chair.

[UPDATE - 2:05 PM]

In other news, OL Quinn Barham faxed in his LOI. So yeah, there's that.

[UPDATE - 2:35 PM]

OL Stefen Wisniewski has faxed in his LOI. That's it. All of the verbals have faxed in their letters meaning we didn't lose anyone who publicly committed to the Lions. I'll have further breakdown of this year's recruiting class in the hours and days to come.