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Get a Grip, Folks

Well, it's D-Day plus two now since signing day and Nittany Lion fans are still trying to figure out why Broderick Green signed with USC and what this means for the program. Many have moved on and accepted that Green is a Trojan now realizing it's time to focus on the future and how we're going to win with the players we have. Other fans want to act like the 16 year old school girl who got dumped a week before prom in favor of the shy honor student that got her braces off and suddenly discovered makeup. Why doesn't he like me? Why didn't he choose me?

Cruise the Penn State message boards for five minutes and your head nearly explodes reading the conspiracy theories. Here are just a few of them.

  1. Green's head coach faxed in the USC's LOI against the wishes of Broderick and his mom.
  2. Pete Carroll offered his coach money or invitations to camps if he got Green to sign with USC.
  3. Green called Pete Carroll the night of his press conference saying he made a big mistake and wants out of his LOI.
  4. Pete Carroll is guilty of "foul play"
What's worse, because a 17 year old kid made a decision to play for another school some of these same fans are willing to throw Joe Paterno and all the coaches under the bus. Fifty years as a Nittany Lion be damned. He lost Broderick Green so out he goes. Let me tell you something, folks. If not for Joe Paterno Penn State would be on par with Rutgers and Bucknell. Who else could build a football powerhouse on top of frozen cow pastures?

It's crazy. Are all schools like this when they lose a recruit or is it just Penn State? Whether these people realize it or not, their insane rantings reflect poorly on all Penn State fans and alumni. May no act of ours bring shame...

Lost in all this madness is 21 young men who did choose Penn State. They are our future. They are some of the best players in the country and they deserve our recognition. They are Nittany Lions. They are Penn State. We are Penn State. Broderick Green is not. Get over it.