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Sundya Nite Drunki Post

That's rigtht. It's sunday night and i'm drunk. It started off innocent infough just wathching toh NASCARE race. Had a couple beers, then when iwt was over I saw the neighbors out watching the kids ride sleds down the hill. So I grabbed a couple bveers and went out to hang out. One beer led to another. then the whixksky came out. Then I came in the house and started mixing captain and cokes and badabing. I'm drunk.

Speaking of the NASCAR race, WHOO HOO Jimmie oJohnson! Way to drive the 48 LOWe's CHevy to vicorty lane. That'w two weeks in a row, bitches!!@! Jimmie is teh shit!

I've also been awatching a lot of basketball this weekend. How's my b arcket doing? I twas going pretty good until today, or BLookdy Suncay as I call it. Not that's not right. Bloody Sunday. Th'ats better.

I was fourth place twhen the day started. Then Wisocnin lost. F U. Then Virginai Tech lost. F U Hokies. Then Virginia lost. Fu too. Then Texas lost despite the fact I'm wearing the Burnt ORgane T Shirt I won. FU longhorns. You sukd,.

I"m still tied for 12th, so I guess I'm still in ti.l  All of my final four teams are still alive and sxix of my final eight are still alfvie. So thats' good. Hope your bracket is going well. I need aniothre ddfarink. Tomorrossxz looking like t a sickday.