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Yo Yo Yo

Yo niggaz! Bust out those sick rhymes you been workin' on. Penn State is having a rap contest and the winner gets to perform their song at halftime of the home opener against Florida International in September. I wish I was making this up.

The Blue-White Rapper Show is a contest for Penn State Students to showcase their rap talents as well as their love of Penn State football. The winning original rap song will be performed at halftime of the first home football game on September 1, 2007. The original rap song must be done by a solo artist (no groups) and be under one minute in length. The central theme for the rap should be Penn State Football.

Vanilla Ice smells a comeback opportunity!

I'm sure the 97 year old alumni with 50 yard line season tickets for the past 30 years are going to love this. Penn State PR guy Guido D'Elia better set the email to "Out of Office" on Monday morning because I don't see this sitting too well with the uppety-ups. They ain't shelling out the big bucks to the athletic department to hear "Yo nigga" this and "Yo bitch" that.

Yeah, this will fit in real well in Central Pennsyltucky.

What happened to the Blue Band? Can't we just sing Hail to the Lion or Fight On State any more? What about my Beetles medley? Am I going to get to suffer through that again this year? Will I still get to hear such Blue Band classics as Under the Sea or Michael Jackson's Thriller?

Well if it's going to happen it's going to happen. Here are a few song title suggestions for all you aspiring rappers to jump on. No charge of course.

Shipley's Got Back

Poz's Gonna Knock You Out!

It's a J(oe) Thing

Henne Is My Ho

Pimp My Running Back (Please!)

JayPa Keeps It On The Down Low

There's just a few to get you started. I might have to work on some rhymes this weekend. Maybe someone else can put it to music for me and I'll enter the contest. Add your own lyrics in the comments.

BSD has some work to do. Peace Out!

UPDATE: Brian comments at The Fanhouse.