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I know I tend to be a little football heavy here and probably don't give the other Penn State sports teams their due outside of an occassional basketball post or two. But when a team wins a National Title for Penn State, well dammit, that deserves some recognition.

Congratulations to the men's and women's fencing team for bringing home the NCAA National Championship trophy. This is Penn State's tenth national championship under head coach Emmanuil Kaidanov and their first since 2002 after finishing in second place last year.

Three Nittany Lions made it to the gold round, which is like the final round, except it's gold or something. Freshman Anastasia Ferdman finished fourth in the epee division. I don't know what that means. As far as I can tell they are dueling with zucchini.

Sophomore Caitlin Thompson did well coming up just short in the final match of the saber division. Ok sabers. I know what those are.

Not that kind of saber

Freshman Doris Willette led the Lions winning the gold medal. She was forced to fight? duel? compete against her teammate Tamara Najm who would go on to finish fourth overall in the foil. Now what's the difference between a foil and a saber?

Surprisingly, there was no media photographers at the event so it's really hard to find pictures of the tournament. BSD was able to obtain this exclusive photo from the match.