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Penn State Releases Bogetic and Dubois

Strange turn of events today as Milos Bogetic and Maxwell Dubois were released from their basketball scholarships.

Penn State men's basketball coach Ed DeChellis announced today that sophomore forward Milos Bogetic (Podgorica, Montenegro) and red-shirt freshman guard Maxwell Dubois (Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.) have been granted release from their scholarships so they may pursue playing careers at other institutions.

"Following the completion of every season I meet with each player to evaluate the previous year, discuss our team goals and outline the commitment expected for the coming season," DeChellis said. "After meeting with Milos and Max individually, we agreed that it would be best for both players and the Penn State program if they continued their careers at other institutions.

"We wish them both the best as they continue their academic and athletic careers and will do anything we can to help them find the best situation for them personally to do so."


It's not really clear, but it sounds like these two guys asked to be released. Dubois probably saw the writing on the wall that he was never going to be a contributor at Penn State. Bogetic I'm kind of surprised by. He was contributing significant minutes off the bench as the #2 center behind Hassell. Given that Hassell was not exactly tearing up the Big Ten and had problems staying out of foul trouble I would think Milos was in a pretty good situation. I guess sometimes it's things outside of basketball.

So that frees up two scholarships for next year. If there is any high school talent left to be had, Ed has to go land a big man. I don't care if they can score. We just need a guy who can take up the lane, rebound, and block shots.