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P$U Doe$ it Again

Once again Penn State has found a way to milk the football fan for everything they're worth. You're not allowed to bring portable seat backs into the stadium with you anymore, but now you can lease them for $40. (HT: Run Up The Score)

These seatbacks will make supporting your Nittany Lions more comfortable. "Nittany Lions Seatbacks" are waterproof and come in team colors, featuring the Nittany Lions logo. "Nittany Lions Seatbacks" lease for only $40 per season and are permanently attached at your season ticket location. Order now and your "Nittany Lions Seatback" will be in place before the first home football game. "Nittany Lions Seatback" proceeds help support PSU Atheletics.

Forty bucks for this?!?! I can buy one of those at McLanahan's for $20, and I get to own the friggin thing. Is this thing going to be mounted in my seat permanently all year? Through the sun, rain, and snow as well? But I can't bring my own dry seat that has been sitting in my vehicle all day. No, I have to sit on your soaking wet one? And pay you $40 to do so?

RUTS brings up a good point. At least the seat will save your space from the encroaching asses of the masses (or massive asses) that should really be buying two seats, if you know what I mean. But I know that picture has to be photoshopped. No way the seat is that wide.

I guarantee the person sitting in front of me will have one of these and my knees are going to be crushed up against it all day. If they leave at halftime I'm totally taking their seat, and when I'm done I'm totally dumping the rest of my nacho cheese and Pepsi on it.