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2007 Recruiting - Defensive Tackles

I guess I got pretty excited about the basketball team winning the game since I did three consecutive consecutive basketball related posts. So let's break it up a bit and continue looking at what the coaches will be focusing on for the next recruiting class. Today we'll look at the defensive tackles. First, the 2007 roster.

Jr - Mike Lucian (6'2" 276)
So - Chris Baker (6'2" 290)
So - Phillip Taylor (6'4" 344)
rFr - Tom McEowen (6'4" 279)
rFr - Ollie Ogbu (6'1" 278)
rFr - Abe Koroma (6'3" 306)
Fr - Chimaeze Okoli (6'5" 275)

The good news here is that Penn State is loaded with lots of young talent at the defensive tackle position. Taylor and Baker each got considerable playing time in 2006 and figure to be the leading candidates to start in 2007. Tom McEowen would be right there with them if not for injuries. He started to break into the rotation in 2006 before an injury forced him to take a medical redshirt. Then, in winter workouts he torn his ACL and may now miss the 2007. Jared Odrick may move over to defensive tackle to provide some depth this year. With Baker, Taylor, McEowen and Odrick if necessary, the Lions have plenty of depth at this position for the next three years. Ogbu, Koroma, and Okoli also have a lot of potential.

Regardless of all the young depth, I think the Lions will still bring in one or maybe two defensive tackles. Defensive linemen have been flocking to Penn State in recent years thanks to the best defensive line coach in the country and uber-recruiter, Larry Johnson Sr. I suspect they will go after a top 5 defensive tackle just to see if they can get one. If they get one, great. You can always move a kid to offensive tackle if the depth chart gets too crowded. If don't land one, no harm since we already have plenty of depth for the next three years.

Targets Under Consideration

DaQuan Bowers - 6'4" 267 - Bamberg, SC (offered, but committed to Clemson)
Chris "Hollywood" Henderson - 6'3" 280 - Harrisburg, PA
Brandon Ware - 6'4" 340 - Harrisburg, PA
James Terry - 6'3" 300 - Wilmington, DE
Shawntel Rowell - 6'5" 330 - Cleveland, OH