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I Got Nothin'

The off season is really setting in now and the creative juices are drying up. I got nothin' today. I have some posts I'm working on, but they're going to take some time. I want to put together an offer board. Obviously that's going to take a lot of research, and html tables are a bitch. I'm also going to do an All Time Greatest series, so look for that in the future. If anyone has any ideas for where we can take this blog thing between now and September, I'm all ears.

For now, I leave you with a YouTube for your weekend enjoyment. Everyone has their little things they like to do at a tailgate party to pass the time. We bring a TV and Playstation. Some people play beer pong. These guys dress up in spandex and run fumble drills into a pile of empty beer cans. To each his own I guess.