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Hoosiers Thump Lions in Season Finale

Final Score

Penn State - 63
Indiana - 94

Here's the Boxscore

Well, so much for capitalizing on the momentum of Wednesday's win. The Nittany Lions were completely outmatched in this game.

Indiana's athletic ability forced Penn State to play their zone defense. The Hoosiers were forced to take a lot of three point shots over the zone. Unfortunately for Penn State, the shots were dropping and that's why things got ugly. In fact, Indiana hit a school record 17 three point shots in the game. Roderick Wilmont torched the Lions for 21 points and 11 rebounds.

Geary Claxton gave a valiant effort with 25 points, but most of them came in the first half. In the second half the Hoosiers switched Wilmont onto Claxton and he was held to only six shots in the half.

Up Next

The Nittany Lions have secured the #11 seed for the Big Ten tournament despite my prediction they would get the #10 seed. Somebody is going to have to explain that one to me because the way I read it we should be #10. Anyway, the Lions will face off against the #6 seed, Illinois. We'll look at the game more closely later this week, but for now I'll say this is not a good draw for Penn State. We're playing Chicago. Do you think anybody will be wearing Orange in the arena?