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2007 Recruiting - Defensive Ends

In case you haven't figured it out by now, whenever I have a tough time coming up with a topic to discuss I break out one of these position breakdowns. So with that, let's take a look at the ongoing recruiting process with the defensive ends. First, a look at the 2007 roster.

Jr - Jed Hill - 6'2" 251
Jr - Josh Gaines - 6'1" 263
So - Jared Odrick - 6'5" 280
So - Maurice Evans - 6'2" 256
rFr - Aaron Maybin - 6'4" 252
rFr - Doug Klopacz - 6'2" 261
rFr - Eric Latimore - 6'7" 262
Fr - Kevion Latham - 6'3" 238
Fr - Chimaeze Okoli - 6'5" 275
Fr - Devon Still - 6'6" 255

With six guys having four years of eligibility and Odrick and Evans still with three, there is loads of talent and depth at defensive end now. Freshman Andrew Szczerba may also get a look there. I would say the need for us to bring in more defensive ends this year is probably a 3 out of 10. This is a position you want to bring in one or two kids a year since they typically get rotated in and out of the game on a regular basis.

Chances are slim that Latham and Okoli will see any playing time this year leaving them both with four years of eligibility after the 2007 season. Still has the best chance to play as a true freshman, but unless he's unstoppable in practice and injuries hit the upper classmen, I think he will probably sit out 2007 as well.

The good news is, since we have plenty of depth and it's not a huge need, the coaches can afford to go after a top 5 defensive end and take the risk of not getting him. In fact, given the limited amount of scholarships and the bigger needs at other positions, I wouldn't be surprised if the coaches eyed one or two top 5 recruits and took an "all-or-nothing" approach with them. I don't see them offering many two or three star prospects at this position.

Possible Targets

Monty Houston - 6'5" 250 - Sewell, NJ
Pete Massaro - 6'4" 240 - Newtown Square, PA
Trevor Bemke - 6'6" 245 - Berwyn, PA
Kavon Brown - 6'2" 240 - Wilmington, DE