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Ohio State Hires a Vandal

This week Ohio State hired Taver Johnson to be their new cornerbacks coach. Johnson just accepted a job from the Oakland Raiders less than a month ago. Before that he was the defensive coordinator with the University of Miami, Ohio.

Johnson is a self proclaimed life-long Ohio State fan, so any position on their staff is a dream job for him.

"I can remember times when my brother and I would watch the replay of the whole (Ohio State) game on Sunday," Johnson said. "We would just beg our mom, `Let us stay home from church; we've got to catch this game.' So being back in Ohio is a tremendous feeling."

Johnson had his share of controversy when he was in Miami.

Johnson was involved in controversy after Miami's last-second loss at Marshall on Nov. 12, 2002. He smashed a countertop and punched a hole in the wall of the press box.

He was suspended with pay for about two weeks. Miami ordered him to pay for the damage and apologize to the Marshall program. He also was forbidden from recruiting off campus for several months.

Yep. He should fit in with the Ohio State fans just fine.

Stay classy, Buckeyes!

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