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Racism at USC

A group of USC players were discovered to have started a Facebook group for white supremists. The name of the group was called "White Nation."

The racist Facebook group was created by a USC football player and showed a graphic of a black baby in handcuffs. An athletic department source said the group was a joke and had no serious purpose.

Junior linebacker Clay Matthews created the group, "White Nation," which featured a graphic with the caption, "arrest black babies before they become criminals."

Teammates David Buehler, Brian Cushing, Dan Deckas and Dallas Sartz joined the group.

"This group is not for the faint of heart," read the group's description. "All members are athletes of Caucasion (sic) descent. DISCLAIMER: In no way are the following memebers (sic) intolerant of others, we are just doing our duty of protecting the Arian (sic) brotherhood."

Not surprisingly, though quite disgustingly, Pete Carroll and the USC athletic department are laughing it off as a joke.

"He's done what he could to apologize," Carroll said of Matthews. "I think he's taken all the right steps for anybody that it offended. And there was never any intent of that at all."

Just another example of "win at all costs" at USC. Carroll and the University think there's no big deal because nobody on the team was offended. What they fail to acknowledge are the people outside of the program who were offended by this.

Does USC not have some sort of tolerance policy? I thought every university had one these days, and I would think a school in southern California would be no exception. What if you were a minority student at USC and these players walked into a party you were attending this weekend? Would you feel comfortable? What if you or I set up a Facebook group for white supremists with pictures of black babies in handcuffs? How do you think it would go over if the human resources department where we work found out about it? I guarantee you and I would not get a free pass, nor should they.

(HT: Deadspin)