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Enjoy the Weekend

Just another reminder to tune in to the SBNation Sports Report on Sunday night at 8 PM. The topics they plan to discuss include NFL free agency, steroids in sports, and the NCAA tournament. As an added bonus, your humble blogger is tentatively scheduled to be a call in guest at 8:30 PM, so check that out. Hopefully they'll throw in a few Penn State related questions for me.

Now that basketball is over, I'm working on some entertaining posts for you. One post deals with football recruiting and is going to involve some research and organization on my part, so I'm still thinking that through. I have a series in my head breaking down the basketball season in retrospect and what went wrong. And of course we have spring practice starting in a few weeks, so there will be much to discuss there. So stay tuned and keep stopping by BSD.

With that, I leave you with a Charlie Weis YouTube clip for your weekend entertainment.