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Welcome New Readers

With the player fight scandal going on (are we officially calling this a scandal?) I see my hits are going through the roof and we've had a few first time commenters in the past two weeks. A ton of people are hitting BSD just by doing random google searches. Many people are coming over from message boards where moderators are stiffling rumors and discussion about the incident. However you got here, I just wanted to say welcome and point out a few of the features here at Black Shoe Diaries.

First, make sure you visit the FAQ page. You will find it is full of useful information to enhance your BSD experience.

The next thing you should do is register for an account. You can do that by clicking on this link. There was a time when we allowed anonymous comments here, but the spammers figured out how to flood the comments, so you had to sift through the ads for male enhancement suppliments in order to read the worth while comments. Registration is completely free and your information is 100% private. You will not get an ounce of email from me or SBN except for the initial email asking you to verify your account.

Once you're registered you can begin commenting on the posts you will see here every day. But beyond that, BSD features something you won't find on many other blogs, diaries. Diaries are a way for you to begin your own topics and moderate your own discussions much like the message boards. Once you have a user account you can create a diary by clicking on the "Post New Diary" link in the upper right menu box. The latest diaries appear on the right side bar just below the poll. This is a great feature you won't find on many blogs that gives you power as a reader to draw attention to the things you find interesting. Plus, I have the ability to bump well written diaries to the main page and often do if I feel it is worth pointing out to everyone. On some SBN blogs people use diaries to talk about things not related to sports or the team the blog is dedicated to. It's up to you.

That's a pretty quick tutorial. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment or email me by clicking on the "Email Black Shoe Diaries" link in the upper right menu box. Thanks for reading BSD and I hope you enjoy your time here.