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Bull Crap

Yep. That's the Bryce Jordan Center you're looking at there. The home of the men's and women's basketball teams is going through some changes this week to prepare for the rodeo.

The once-spotless arena floor is now buried beneath 60 big truckloads of dirt, all spread into a foot-deep covering.

Well, OK -- not dirt. Rather, it's a half-clay, half-sand blend delivered Wednesday for the center's newest weekend feature: bull-riding.

"It's the new NASCAR," said Bernie Punt, marketing manager for the center, which, until now, never hosted any serious dirt.

Not literally, anyway.

Well, what would you expect from a school lodged in the middle of mountains and cow pastures? The depressing thing is they are expecting over 10,000 fans to pack into the Jordan Center. Sadly, that's more than our average attendence for a basketball game.

The report says 60 bulls will be brought into the arena this weekend. That's a lot of bull. And with a lot of bull comes a lot of bull sh*t. What do they plan on doing with all that bull sh*t? Apparently haul it out with the dirt, which they plan to reuse the next time the rodeo comes to town.

The dirt-like floor covering, provided by Glenn O. Hawbaker Inc., will be hauled out -- somehow -- on Sunday.

Punt said the company plans to store the material and reuse it if the bull-riders return.

And about the bull ... um, dung?

That'll be hauled out with the dirt-like stuff on Sunday, Punt said.

Sixty loads in, he said, could become 62 loads out.

So the next time you're planning on attending an event in the Jordan Center, you might want to bring some air fresheners with you.