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Sdudnay night5 durnk fpost

That's right fbitchtres. It'a s santher edition fo the sunday night druikk post. As before, our hero was drinkindg whicle watching NACSAR. That's how thi sday started otu thoo. But actuilally I wasn't drinking during the drace. Everyt;hign was going tood this week with Jimmie Johngaon running in the otp five most of theday. Then Smoke (that's Tondy Stewart) wrecked him on lap 240 and I lsost intrerst after that. So we went to Outback for didnner. I had a copule of those big tall Yuenglign Lagers and letme tell ay, this bloke was buzzing. So cI ame home and deciced to keep the buzz goign. Had a vfew beers, broke out the Captian and Coke, and badabing, I'm drunk.

I don't want athis posts to b3e all about NASCAR thogyuh. So let's stalk asome footbva ll. Spring bpractice is going on righta now. Evreatryone says the davefensce is the cshit!@ Threy are dtottaly domingataing in practcie. That either means thruey are realaly good aor the offenxez is really babd. I thinks it's proabably a bit of gboth.

You knw the best apartt of blogging? I can get up in the middlels ov a post and make a drinak whenever I aant and ayou guys aodn't ven aknow. Hahaha. I just sdid it right athere. Can you tell? Nope. Now I just got upa to stake a piss. youre so not in tht e know.

Bakdc to football. I thorught the Nittany lions wswere going tall the way in 2007. Thaen Anthoy Scirrtota had to wrcdck it. Lemme tell ya. Scirroto is ahard enobugh to spell when you're so vber. Don't evern stryl it awhen yoru'e drink. Anwyay, fortget 2007 now. If these guys all tet suspencded or dkicked off the team, we're done. We'll stila have ta 8-4 season and go toe the outa back bowl. I'me ok witha that'. They make asome great staeks. Any I ov le those tall Yuucinling lagres.

UPDATE: The Morning After