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Spring Practice Position Battles - Left Tackle

2006 Starter - Levi Brown

How do you replace an All American and top ten NFL draft pick? It's not easy unless you're USC. Replacing Poz is tough, but at least there we have a lot of talent waiting on the bench. The talent pool to draw Levi's replacement from is not as good and not as deep.

The Contenders

Gerald Cadogen - As a redshirt sophomore, Cadogen split time at left guard with the senior, Robert Price. Neither guy played very well and was instrumental in many of the struggles by the offensive line. For his junior year Cadogen is being moved to left tackle, which many people claim is his more natural position due to his size (6'5" - 313 lbs) and long arms.

Dennis Landolt - A redshirt sophomore, Landolt finds himself in a position to compete for his first starting spot. He found himself buried on the depth chart last season behind Brown and Auletta, but both of those guys are gone now. Many observers say he possesses that mean streak that all great offensive linemen have.


Going into spring practice Cadogen was listed at the top of the depth chart due to his experience, but Landolt has been gathering rave reviews by observers. In the lead up to the Outback Bowl, Levi Brown predicted Landolt would be his replacement in 2007, so that's a big endorsement. Obviously, whoever wins the job will still be a downgrade from Brown, but I feel better than I did going into 2006 because we have more depth at the position which will pay big dividends should the injury bug bite.