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Nitt Picks

Busy day today, so I just have some time to drop you some reading homework. Pop quiz to follow on Monday.

Derrick Williams suggests the play calling may not be suited to his style. (HT: RUTS)

Although he couldn't offer a reason for why he didn't make the big plays that came so naturally his freshman year, Williams noted that perhaps he made too many catches near the sideline.

"People don't understand the other tackler is the sideline," Williams said. "It's not just getting away from (the defender). It's not stepping out of bounds. When you catch the ball and are working from the sideline and someone comes from the inside, there's not too much you can do. You either get hit or try to make a move. The sideline sometimes plays a bigger role than a regular player."

The NFL draft is tomorrow. Poz, Brown, Shaw, and Hunt just want to get it over with.

Newly appointed women's basketball coach Coquese Washington is wasting little time cleaning house. Forward Courtney Molinaro has decided to leave the team.

MGoBlog offers some opinions on the Blue-White Game as well as the Ohio State and Notre Dame spring games.

Rakes of Mallow (Notre Dame Blogger) listed the Top 30 games he's excited to see in 2007. Read Part I and Part II. Two Penn State games made the list, Michigan and Iowa. I can think of three other games I'm more excited about than Iowa: The Notre Dame game being one of them.

Finally, today we'll find out who is getting charged in the April 1 apartment fight. I'll be travelling all day, so I suggest you tune in to RUTS and TNL to get the realtime scoop. I'll post my thoughts tonight or later this weekend.