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Players in Off Campus Fight

Run Up The Score beat me to this. I saw this story on a message board last night but it was just rumors and the mods were shutting down all threads that discussed it so I waited. Then today The Daily Collegian confirmed that a group of football players were involved in a fight at an off campus apartment on Saturday night.

Two residents of the apartment and four other sources present at the party, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said they identified to the police that football players were part of a group that entered a party at a third-floor Meridian II apartment, 646 E. College Ave.

Police said the residents of the apartment reported that about nine or 10 men "pushed their way into the apartment and began assaulting several males who were attending a party" at about midnight on Sunday, according to the press release.

Police said that the alleged burglary and assault was related to a confrontation that occurred at the intersection of High Street and East College Avenue.

Residents of the apartment told The Daily Collegian they plan on pressing charges.

Several of the message board threads concerning this incident were deleted almost right away, but I managed to catch some of them. The two prominent names being mentioned are Anthony Scirrotto and Justin King. So like, that's half of our secondary right there.

We'll see where this goes. The charges of burlary and assault sound scary, but they'll probably either be dropped or reduced (especially when word gets around campus of the names of the people pressing charges). At this point I'm not too worried. Football players have been getting in fights since the days of leather helmets. They'll run some extra laps, sit out the first half of the Florida International game, and this will all be over.