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Logan-El Leaving Penn State

Could this possibly be the worst off season week in the history of Penn State football? Ten or twelve players may be facing suspensions. Spencer Ridenhour is running people over on College Avenue. And now Antonio Logan-El has left the team.

This isn't a huge surprise. His Penn State career has been troubled before he even set foot on campus. He majorly disrespected Maryland and their coaches on the day he announced he was coming to Penn State. Once on campus, several rumors started floating about him struggling with the strength and conditioning program. People questioned his heart and motivation. Then this winter he took a leave of absense from the team to address a family issue. Today the saga officially ended.

To me this sounds like a kid that got homesick being on his own for the first time. It's a shame to see a kid with such potential throw it away, but we all have to pursue a path in life that's right for us. I'm glad he was finally man enough to come to a decision regardless of who it hurts or what people may think of him. We wish you well, Antonio.