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Elijah Robinson Ends His Career

This is some sad news today. From FOS, offensive guard Elijah Robinson has suddenly ended his career after discovering a rare spinal condition that makes him susceptible to spinal injuries.

Before the April 21 Blue-White Game, Nittany Lion coach Joe Paterno said Robinson would not play due to a neck injury. Team sources say the injury happened just over a week earlier, shortly before Penn State's Coaches Clinic.
While Robinson was being treated for that unspecified injury, team doctor Wayne Sebastianelli found the athlete had a condition called "tight spinal canal," according to PSU spokesman Jeff Nelson.

Nelson said he was told Robinson likely had the problem his whole life but it went undetected until Sebastianelli conducted tests on the area.

Sebastianelli told Robinson any kind of impact to the head could lead to a pinching of the spinal cord, leading to paralysis. At that point, according to Nelson, all agreed it was best for the 6-foot-2, 290-pounder to give up football.

This is really too bad. Robinson received a lot of praise from the coaches in the weeks of practice going into the Outback Bowl. He came into the spring figuring to be a leading contender to take over the right guard spot vacated by Robert Price. Then as the spring went on he moved down in the depth chart. Then he didn't play in the Blue-White game. And now we know why.

Thank God the problem was discovered before he suffered a serious injury. BSD offers Elijah a hearty virtual handshake and wishes him well in his future endeavors.

From a football standpoint, this hurts, but I think we'll be ok. It looks like John Shaw has claimed the right guard spot and Lou Eliades has taken over the left. Rich Ohrnberger, who started most of last season, is obviously a great backup to either of those guys if he doesn't reclaim the starting job between now and the fall. If we get really desperate there is junior college transfer Ako Poti. We'll be alright, but we're not as deep as we were last week.