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Get A Life

Some people are just busy bodies that have nothing better to do than meddle in onther people's business. This week the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear a case to determine if Joe Paterno's salary should be made public.

The state's highest court heard arguments Monday on whether secret salaries of Penn State employees, including football coach Joe Paterno, should be released to the public.

Penn State will not disclose the salaries of its administrators and employees, and has tried to block an attempt by a reporter for the Patriot-News of Harrisburg to find out the salary of Paterno and three top administrators.

War in Iraq. Social Security. Healthcare. Is this the biggest fish we have to fry? Should we be tying up the court system trying to determine how much money an 81 year old man makes to coach football? In the grand scheme of things, does this really matter?

First of all, Penn State is not entirely run by tax dollars. I'm pretty sure I remember my parents handing over some pretty big tuition checks. And I'm pretty sure those student loans I had to pay off weren't for all the beer I drank. Penn State gets a lot of money from the state to fund research and to help keep tuition down. I'm not sure you can say all of Paterno's money came from tax dollars.

Secondly, I guarantee you Paterno isn't seeing Nick Saban money. I think if we ever did see Paterno's paycheck we would be quite surprised at how underpaid he was. In fact, I bet there is a bunch of college coaches out there hoping his salary doesn't get released because knowledge like that would drive salaries down.

Think about it. If JoePa has so much money, would he live in a house like this?

Yes, this is really JoePa's house