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Blue-White Roundtable Forgot What Day It Is

I'm working some really sick hours this week. I think I've put in 36 hours in the last two days. And I have to go back to work tonight to work the graveyard shift. And you thought being an engineer was all glamorous and stuff. But I've got a few minutes and since RUTS was kind enough to give us the questions a couple hours ago, I figured I might as well answer them. He's got his answers up already. I'm suspecting Galen will get his posted to The Nittany Line sometime tonight or tomorrow. Anyway, let's get it on.

Have you ever traveled to a Penn State away game?  What's your best away game experience?

You know what, I've never been to a Penn State away game before. So I'll have to take a pass on this one. I've got tickets to see them play Temple in Philly this year. That's a pretty easy one for me to go to since I only live thirty minutes away.

Who's your darkhorse Big Ten team this season?

Everyone is going to pick Michigan and Ohio State to win the Big Ten this year. Some wise souls will point out Wisconsin returns just about everyone from the team that went 11-1 last year. But they had a very favorable schedule last year and they're not so lucky this year. So I'm going to be a shameless homer and say Penn State is my darkhorse pick to win the Big Ten. I don't think anyone will pick us outright, and I think we have a shot if we get some breaks.

Which highly ranked team is most likely to collapse?

Sticking with the Big Ten I think Michigan and Ohio State are going to disappoint a lot of people. Michigan has to replace their entire defense, and for all the star power on offense with Henne, Hart, and Manningham, they never scored a lot of points anyway because they have Lloyd Carr for a coach. Ohio State loses everyone on offense, although they do return Chris Wells so it may be a case of 2002 all over again. Their defense will get a lot of praise in the media before the season, but they gave up a ton of points in their last two games against Michigan and Florida.

Looking outside the Big Ten, I'll pick Florida as a team that will be pretty overrated. Coming off the BCS Championship they are the media darlings now. But they lose Chris Leak, Reggie Nelson, and a whole host of other players. They're not going to be nearly as good, and the SEC is tough. I see them losing three or four games.

Name the Big Ten coach you would be happy to see on the sidelines at Penn State?

I think Kirk Ferentz runs a good program at Iowa. He seems like a classy guy that has run some pretty good teams at Iowa. He's had a rough stretch the past few years, but I wouldn't mind seeing him follow Paterno one bit. He's from Western Pennsylvania and grew up a Penn State fan from what I've heard, so it's not outside the realm of possibility.

Who is Penn State's rival, anyway?

We don't have one ever since we stopped playing Pitt. I would say the closest thing we have is Ohio State. It's a competitive series that goes back and forth often, but Ohio State considers Michigan to be their rival and it will always be that way. The hate we feel for them is not reciprocated, and it never will be unless we find a way to upset them a few times in thier stadium.

Lightning Round

Who is your favorite comedian?

The Amazing Johnathan - That dude cracks me up whenever I see him on Comedy Central.

What is your most hated, most overused sports announcer cliche?

"Leaving it all out on the field." Leaving what?  When the game is over and everyone has left the stadium, I don't see anything out there on the field. And are you saying other players save some for the locker room after the game? I don't get it.

That's all there is and there ain't no more. Go check out RUTS and TNL for more Blue White Roundtable.