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Nitt Picks

I'm in meetings all day today, so here are some Nitt Picks for you to read up on.

Make sure you read Part III of the Centre Daily Times look at the history of Penn State and the Big Ten.

Some guy out there is mapping Charlie Weis' travel to follow recruiting. Just a thought: I wonder if Charlie gets double the frequent flyer miles since he no doubt has to buy two seats on the airplane.

Joe Paterno spoke at an engagement last night and offered some insight into the fight and his health. It appears the punishment for the entire team is going to be cleaning up Beaver Stadium on Sunday's after the home games. And each member of the team will do several hours of community service.

"My biggest concern is what's going to come out of that incident that we had," Paterno said. "I'm hopeful that people will keep their heads, won't go overboard on it. What it basically comes down to is, it was a fight. I'm not condoning our kids in it."

While a possible punishment in the courts is still to be decided, Paterno already handed one down to the entire team: The Nittany Lions will clean Beaver Stadium on the Sunday's after every home game. Paterno also said all of his players would do several hours of community service.

"I don't condone it. Our kids were wrong," Paterno said.