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Happy Memorial Day

BSD would like to extend wishes for a Happy Memorial Day to all his readers. Please take a moment while you're sucking down beers and hot dogs to remember those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy the freedom we too often take for granted.

I'll be taking a little rest from BSD for the next few days. In fact blogging will be light for the next week in general. I'll be spending time with the family far away from high speed internet connections this weekend so blogging will be completely non-existant until Tuesday. Then next week I want to focus on some housekeeping issues. It's time to take down the old football and basketball schedules and get the 2007 football schedule up. I'm also going to update the blogroll, so look for some changes starting next week.

If any big news happens like a major injury or a new commit, we'll have your coverage here. I'm just not going to worry about having to get a post out every single day. Going forward I'm considering backing off in general in the amount of posts and focus on quality rather than quantity. Please feel free to create your own posts in the diaries. I'm really disappointed nobody takes advantage of that feature at BSD. Nothing would thrill me more than to bump a few diaries to the main page. Anyway, have a great weekend and we'll meet back here sometime next week.