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Courtroom Update

Here are some updates from the preliminary hearing dribbling out this morning.

One of the witnesses could not identify Chris Baker who was sitting right in the court room.

An occupant of the West College Avenue apartment that police say was invaded on April 1 by a group of Penn State football players was asked in court today to identify one of the players.

Sanders said Baker was in the courtroom and wearing a suit.

However, since most of the people in the courtroom were wearing suits, defense attorney Karen Muir offered to let Sanders walk over to Baker to point him out.

Sanders stepped away from the witness standing, heading toward the spectators, but stopped halfway.

"I don't see him," Sanders said, and returned to the witness stand.

Baker was present in the courtroom at the time.

Talk about a Perry Mason moment.

The article also says the police asked the witnesses to identify the players by showing them a copy of the Penn State Football Media Guide. I've learned from someone sitting in the court room that no other pictures were offered to the witnesses. Just here's a media guide. Show us the guys who did it. On a side note, this was the strategy used by the DA prosecuting the Duke rape case and it backfired horribly on him. It shows a bias on the part of the police to go after certain suspects.

A later witness was able to point out Baker in the courtroom, but said he just saw Baker "throwing people around". He couldn't say he saw him throw a punch. Here is another article of note.

The first two witnesses are already contradicting themselves. One guy says they had a half keg in the apartment even though the building code strictly says no kegs allowed. The next witness swears it was a bottle only party. If I'm the DA right now I'm shaking my head, and if I'm the defense I'm licking my chops.

UPDATE: Oh yeah. One witness was instructed by the police to go to the autograph session at the Blue-White game to get a look at the players so he could make an accurate identification. The only player he could positively identify at the game was Lou Eliades, who has not been charged with anything. Sure sounds like some shoddy police work to me.