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Friday Nitt Picks

The preliminary hearing for the six players charged in the April 1 apartment fight begins today. I'll have an update for you when I hear anything.

Let me just say Cook is an asshat. No, not that Cook. Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ran a hitpiece on Paterno today.

Earlier this week the University announced that student tickets would be distributed through a lottery system. The outcry was tremendous. A rally was planned for Thursday on the steps of Old Main, but on Wednesday the University changed their mind and said they would go back to the first-come-first-serve method. Well, the students decided to have the rally anyway.

"It's something like this that might be a wake-up call to students that the administration does strip us of rights," Keirans told the crowd.

Protesters are so cute sometimes. From the article it looks like the ticket rally morphed into an anti-sexual assault rally. You know what else was cute? With all of their talk of mobilizing 6000 angry students on Facebook, this is what they got.

Man! Rodney Kinlaw looks really angry...and white.

Finally, our friends at Big Blue View asked me to write up a little diddy on Jay Alford. Make sure you check that out. I hope I wasn't too hard on Jay. I will miss him on the defensive line.

You want me on that line. You need me on that line.