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Nitt Picks

Ed DeChellis filled out the basketball roster for next year by signing junior college transfer Schyler King (El Paso, TX).

"We are excited to have Schyler join our program," DeChellis said. "He is a long and athletic player who fits very nicely with what we want to try to do on the floor and the type of players we have been adding to our program. He is an excellent perimeter shooter, is very active and has the type of athleticism we are looking for to guard on the perimeter and get up and down the floor."

His stats are less than eye popping (10.8 ppg, 3.9 rpg) but I'll be happy if he can provide enough depth to give Claxton and Cornley an occassional rest.

Donnie Johnson and BranDon Snow have signed free agent contracts with NFL teams. Johnson will try to make the roster with the Baltimore Ravens while Snow will be reunited with Levi Brown in Arizona. Let's hope Levi doesn't have to straighten him out again if Snow feels like he isn't getting the ball enough.

And finally, what is up with Brady Quinn?