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Blue-White Roundtable Has Work To Do

Can you believe my employer wants me to do work and stuff? Anyway, sorry about the light posting this week. I'm working on some stuff and hopefully things will get back to normal soon. It doesn't help that there isn't much content floating around out there right now. But the Blue-White Roundtable can't be bothered with such "real world" things. BWR pushes on, and The Nittany Line has the questions this week. Run Up The Score and I are just along for the ride. Enjoy and leave your opinions in the comments.

Let's get the obligatory Nittany Lion Fight Club questions out of the way first.  Admit it; you had to have at the very least elevated blood pressure with the thought of losing both Anthony Scirrotto and Justin King.  What do you think Scirrotto will get out of this from a legal perspective?  Can they prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that he called other players with intent to break in an apartment and beat people autistic?

Here's a prediction for you. Anthony Scirrotto walks away without being convicted of anything. Here's why.

They will not be able to prove he called his teammates and asked them to help him beat anyone up. They can produce phone records that show who he called, but nobody knows what was discussed. Bottom line they can't prove he organized the beating unless one of the other players testifies otherwise. Conspiracy out the window.

They won't be able to prove he was the first one to enter the apartment. After the first guy barged in the door was open. Besides, I'm not convinced yet that they forced their way in at all. I've been to these apartment parties. Half the time the door is propped open with people walking in and out constantly. If it is closed you just knock, and some sorority girl or whoever is standing next to the door opens it and says, "Ooo! Football players! Come on in!" Criminal Tresspass out the window.

Unless Scirrotto threw the first punch you can't prove he went there with the intent of committing a crime. He could say he just went there to discuss the situation with the kid. He walked away from him on College Avenue. According to the police report he went to the apartment once before the other players arrived and was turned away. So he walked away twice without throwing a punch before they arrived at the apartment the third time. Unless he barged in the apartment first and went right into throwing punches, felony burglary is out the window.

The residents can't even agree if he was in the apartment or not. Some say he was there, others say they don't recall seeing him. So far nobody has testified that he threw a punch in the apartment. Everything I saw says Chris Baker was the one kicking asses. The simple assault and harassment won't stick. Mark it down.

Does Justin King walk away unscathed from all of this?  Does Judicial Affairs take action and will he end up in JoePa's doghouse.

Justin King is just fine. I've been trying to picture myself in the shoes of these kids trying to put together the most likely scenario. I envision King sitting in his apartment with Baker, Sales, Sargeant, Hayes, Butler, and a recruit just hanging out on a Saturday night. Scirrotto calls Sargeant and says, "Hey I'm downtown and some guy just punched me" or whatever he says. I find it hard to believe that Scirrotto asked him teammates to partake in a brawl and they agreed. Somebody in the group has to be smarter than that. Sargeant and the gang decide they're going downtown to check on him and back him up if he wants to settle it one-on-one. So what does King do? Hang out in the apartment by himself? Or tag along with his buddies/teammates? If it were me I would tag along, and I suspect King was just tagging along not thinking anything major was going to happen.

So then they get to the apartment. Butler, who was also tagging along, wises up and says, "I'm going to McDonalds." Things get out of control and King happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Nobody saw him throw a punch. On the contrary, people testified he was trying to break it up and stayed afterward to apologize to the residents. If this kid gets any kind of punishment I'll be very disappointed.

Let's assume Scirrotto is out for some length of time, who takes his place?

Spencer Ridenhour has to be the leading candidate. He and Scirrotto were in a dogfight with senior Nolan McCready last year for the starting job. It was said to be too close to call right up until opening day, so I'm confident Ridenhour is capable for the job. The problem is we have to hope he's worked his way out of Joe's Doghouse for whatever he did that kept him home from the Outback Bowl.

Another titillating thought would be moving A.J. Wallace over from the backup corner spot. Or move Sargeant over and put A.J. at corner. That's a definite possibility.

The NCAA's latest academic progress report came down hard on the Hurricane Katrina region and historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).  Is the NCAA being unfair especially to those schools that have few resources?

I wouldn't call it unfair. It is what it is. Everyone knows the rules and has for a few years now. It's not like they didn't see this coming. The NCAA wants student athletes. Schools that want to field teams must commit the resources to educate their players. This is the price of playing NCAA football now. Can someone tell me what Hurricane Katrina has to do with educating black football players? That was two years ago. Do they have different professors now post Katrina? Did their books get washed away in the flood and they can't buy new ones? I'm such a conservative.

It's already been determined that we're playing Notre Dame and Ohio State in primetime.  Throw in a 3:30 Homecoming start for Wisconsin and I wonder: are your livers strong enough to handle this year's schedule?

There was a day when I probably couldn't handle it. When I was a student I had a hard time staying sober enough to make it to a noon game. Now I'm a little older and a littler wiser. I'll still drink and have a good time, but now we practice what we call, "Buzz Management". But man that is an awesome schedule.

Lightning Round

A.Q. Shipley was named to the spring watch list for the 2007 Rimington Trophy, is he a possible captain, or does that job fall to Morelli by default?

Junior captains are a rare thing at Penn State. He's a great center, but I'm not sure he's shown the necessary leadership qualities yet to be name a captain. I think Morelli wins the job by default this year. Personally, I would like to see Deon Butler get the nod even though he is a junior. Nobody on the offense hustles every play like he does.

ESPN will show NASCAR on two Saturday night primetime slots in the fall instead of College Football.  Which would you rather watch?

Thank God for TiVo! Which one would I watch live? Magic Eight Ball says: It depends. If Jimmie Johnson is in the Chase for the Cup and doing well, I'll probably watch the race. But if he crashes on lap 7, I'll flip to the game.

What is your favorite drinking game?

You know what? I never played drinking games that much. But I've played some different versions of beer pong (mostly with bottle caps) that was pretty fun. I think the Brent Musburger drinking game is the best of them, although I've never played.