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WWJD - What Would Joe Do?

Here we are a month and a half removed from the imfamous apartment fight and people are still debating what Joe Paterno is going to do about it. We've had some heated debate here on BSD. Galen sparked a wild fire with his Grand Experiment post. This week's Blue-White Roundtable question about Scirrotto is sure to set off another debate.

Let me make this real simple for everyone. I can tell you what Joe Paterno is going to do. How can I tell you? Because Joe Paterno has already told us.

Penn State coach Joe Paterno is "very concerned" about felony charges filed this morning against six of his players, he said in a statement this afternoon.

The coaching staff "will determine the appropriate consequence for each player's status on the team when due process has transpired," Paterno's statement read. "Until such time, we will have no further comment regarding the situation."

There is your answer. Nothing until due process runs its course. In other words, if the players are found innocent and judicial affairs doesn't take action, they will play. What's that? You're still not convinced? Well how about this ditty from Joe's Press Conference at the Blue-White Game. (Emphasis mine.)

Q: The State College police said they are going to interview members of the team regarding an off-campus incident that happened earlier this month? Has this been a distraction?

Joe: You know more about it than I do. It hasn't been a distraction yet. I don't know what is going to happen because I don't know anything that is going on. I am trying to concentrate on the football squad. I never try to worry about things until I have to worry about them. I am not sure I have anything to worry about here. I am not sure. I don't know one way or the other.

I've told you in the past I speak Paternese. Joe isn't worried about this. In other words Joe is saying he isn't going to do anything on top of whatever Judicial Affairs and the legal system do. If the press hounds him about it he might suspend some players for the Florida International game. But that's it.

I keep saying I think this is appropriate. Joe has shown no qualms about suspending players in the past. If he were going to suspend these guys, they wouldn't be with the team right now. Heck, they just kicked James McDonald off the team a few weeks ago. There was no waiting for due process there. When Joe wants to pull the trigger he does it. I'm sure he's already collected all the facts he needs, and nobody has been suspended yet. This incident will just be a speed bump on the 2007 season. Mark it down.