June Links? Why not.

I'm surprised that there's actually things to talk about, but lo and behold.  I like posting some link posts every once in a while, because that's one of the best ways to find out about some of the other great blogs and news sources out here on the "Internets".

So here we go:
Live blogger tossed from NCAA baseball regional.  What happens as a result of this could be very big for future "citizen sports journalism".  While I can't see anyone dragging a laptop into the student section of Beaver Stadium (in fact, I'd strongly recommend against it), it's the rights that someone should have to do so that count.  (By the way - the game finished 20-2 in favor of Louisville.  I'd want to share that with EVERYONE, and as soon as possible, if PSU ever pulled that off.)

Paterno's aiming to lead PSU's charge, via There Is No Name On My Jersey.  You cannot imagine how amazing that will be if that happens, and I hope it does.  I mean, if McNabb can get back from a knee injury ahead of schedule, why can't Joe Pa?  He's only, what, 50 years older?  Seriously, though: what a great start to a national championship run that would be.

And speaking of Mr. Paterno: he's starting to feel the burden of the already covered ridiculous student ticket sale.  At least, he's saying that.  I don't believe it.  The man only concentrates on what is important, and that's what's kept him relevant all these years.

Turns out "the news watch never stops", even for college football in June.  Either way, football is still taking a back seat for me, at least while the Phillies are still in contention.

Go State!

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