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On Vacation

Like Galen, I'm going to be going on vacation for a few days so blogging may drop off. I'll still be around though. I just need some time to rest and recharge the batteries before the season starts up again. I have my copy of Phil Steele which I will be studying intently while I sit on the beach soaking up rays. When I come back we'll start breaking down the Big Ten in greater detail and that should last us into preseason practice. Believe it or not, the college football season is just around the corner.

While Galen is boozing it up, losing his money and paying for some female companionship, my vaction will be going something like this.

6:30 AM - Waken up by a two year old barging into my bedroom asking for a cup of milk and the television turned on so he can watch Elmo.

7:30 AM - Cook breakfast for said kid and wife. Then do the dishes.

9:30 AM - Load kid, wife, chairs, towels, cooler, blanket, and bag full of sunblock, toys, magazines, and food in the vehicle and drive to the beach.

9:40 AM - Drop off wife and kid at the beach. Then go park the vehicle about six miles away and carry the chairs, towels, cooler, blanket and bag full of sunblock, toys, magazines, and food to the beach.

10:30 AM - Set up beach umbrella and chairs. Lay out the beach blanket. Spend the rest of the day chasing the kid around apologizing to the people around us for all the sand kicked on them.

3:00 PM - Finally get a moment to sit in my chair and rest.

3:02 PM - Wife says it's time to go get cleaned up for dinner.

3:03 PM - Walk six miles back to the car.

3:30 PM - Drive back to the beach to pick up wife and kid. Load the chairs, towels, cooler, blanket, and bag full of sunblock, toys, magazines, and food and drive back to the condo.

4:00 PM - Take a shower to get the sand out of the places it just doesn't belong.

6:00 PM - Go to dinner and pay $11 for an entree the kid doesn't take a bite of. Apologize to the people sitting next to us for the food he throws all over them.

8:00 PM - Give the kid a bath.

8:15 PM - Put said kid to bed.

8:20 PM - Pass out from exhaustion. (There's one thing Galen and I will have in common: Passing out at the end of the day.)

Next day get up and repeat.

I'll manage to have some fun though, and I'll give you some updates as I go. Have a good week.