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Recruiting Board Update

I think it's worth pointing out some updates to the recruiting board.

Texas running back Cyrus Gray has been given an offer. Brian Norwood has been hitting the state of Texas hard this year. Early feedback from Gray is positive, as he has named us in his top ten schools.

The rest of the news this week is not so good. Virginia offensive lineman Michael Via committed to Virginia Tech. I always figured him as a longshot, so I'm not too surprised. In an interview he mentioned he was a life long Hokie fan.

A few players narrowed their lists as well. Torrey Mack, Graham Pocic, and Brandon Barnes all narrowed their lists and Penn State wasn't on them.

On the plus side, Terrelle Pryor narrowed his list down to a top eleven, and Penn State was on it. Will Hill is also rumored to have included Penn State in his top nine. Here is how I see it right now:

Looking Good: Tyrelle Pryor, Ryan Williams, Dontavius Jackson, Michael Shaw, Cyrus Gray, Deion Walker, Mark Wedderburn, Mike Mauti, Mike Yancich, Will Hill, Okechuckwu Okoroha, Michael Thomas, Marcus Davis.

Not So Much: Torrey Mack, Cordale Scott, Brandon Barnes, Jonas Gray, Sam McGuffie, Vaughn Carraway, Graham Pocic, Lucas Nix, Dalton Freeman, Brandon Beachum, Shayne Hale, Brendan Beal.

Who Knows: E.J. Manuel, Darrell Scott, Kenny Tate, Brice Butler, Rotell Jenkins, Vinston Painter, James Bennett, Kenneth Page, Deon'tae Pannell, Garrett Goebel, Reggie Ellis, Jewhan Edwards, Jack Crawford, Jon Major, Christian Wilson, Jarred Holley, Dan McCarthy, D'Anton Lynn, Lamaar Thomas.

UPDATE 6/17/07: Running back Torrey Mack committed to Virginia on Saturday. Another one bites the dust. He was the first confirmed offer to a running back this year. He never really appeared to be that impressed with Penn State so this doesn't surprise me very much. But it's still a head scratcher why a kid from Connecticut would choose Virginia over Penn State.