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Gone Fishin'

Maybe it's true Anthony Morelli can't read defenses, but at least if this football thing doesn't work out he has a promising career on the professional fishing tour.

In a role reversal of sorts, Penn State quarterback Anthony Morelli found himself making the big catch on a recent night.

It was two weeks ago, on the Allegheny River near Harmar, when Morelli hooked up with what turned out to be a 40-pound, 44-inch flathead catfish. Thirty minutes later, the massive fish had been boated.

Apparently catching a fish this size causes temporary insanity. Morelli and his cousin quickly transported the fish back to his house to take this photo before returning to release it into the Alleghany river.

Yep. That there's a big fish. Nice Bass Pro Shops hat. Morelli confessed the thirty minute struggle brought back ugly flashback memories of the Michigan game last season.

"My forearms were burning, my legs were shaking," said Morelli, who packs 230 pounds on a 6-foot-4 frame.

Congrats, Anthony. Glad to see you're spending the summer going over the play book.