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FRiday night druck post - Vacaitno ediction

Yo bitches! It's anothre ediction ovc the drukn post. THis wwek the drunk fpost comes to youbv from Bethany bEach in Edlaware. The littrle lady and I went to this classy restaruant calles Mr. Bill's Cracb Shack for dinner. IT's the ciknd of place wehrea  thye bring out crabas in steel fbuckets unitl you act liek Roberto Duran and say "No Mas!" These carbs were drown in Old Bay seaconing, or as I like to dcall it, Powedred Fire. So of courfse I had to wash that stuff down with somethigna, so the cdrink of choice was a apitchre of Yudengling Loger. We fignished dinger around 9 PM justr aas they were abour to start Kareoke. I was sjuist starteing to get going and wasz looking forwards to singning some INdigo Girls, but the wife sasid we had to go. So we cane jhome and I misxed some captgain and cokes and bada bing, I"m drunk.

This is a apsotrts blog, so we hsholuld talke ome sports here. This week JOed paterno was in Pittsbutgfh and of course the whiny Pittrsburgh Sporst Medai awnted to know, "Why don'tr you play Pitt anuycmore?" Yada yeada yeasdda. Hoe come you schcueld Temple and Buffalo and not us? Gtget a freiggin' clue, Pitgt. There is no differnce betrween Pitt and Temple. The onlty diffrernce is Temple is willing to play 2-for -1s and you aren't. Accept the facgta that yuou are no t on our levle anymore and we can workd tsomething out. I mcane, come omn. YOu woulr probaly make more money as a visigtor at Penn State than you woudl as the home team at Hiencz Filed. You gueys never tget a sellout. So just asccept your role was the second bestg tream in Pennsvaulvainia and we can go back to plaeying each eother every eyar.

thata's enouhg dunk rpost for one nnight. I haved to get back to my vacatgion. Sed ya next time, bithches!