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Coveting Thy Neighbor's Players

I saw this over on MGoBlog who stole it from BON. I thought it looked fun. Hopefully this doesn't lead to annoying lists about places we've been to and what's in our junk drawer. Here is a list of Big Ten players I wish played for Penn State.

1. Chad Henne - QB - Michigan

We all thought he was a lock for Penn State a few years ago. Rumor has it he called Jay Paterno on Saturday to give him the good news. Then at his press conference on Tuesday he announced he was going to Michigan and instantly turned into the most hated 18 year old in Pennsylvania. This will be his fourth year starting for the Wolverines now and many people have him on their Heisman watch list. Tell the truth...after watching him call audibles in the deafening Beaver Stadium night last year and picking apart our defense like a piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken, you wished he was playing for our side. But hey. We ended up getting Anthony Morelli so it all worked out, right?

2. Jake Long - OT - Michigan

With Levi Brown now off making millions in the NFL, we have to turn to Gerald Cadogen. Cadogen played guard last year and didn't look very good at doing it either. They say tackle is his more natural position, but I won't feel comfortable until I see him play. Long is unquestionably the best left tackle in the Big Ten. He could have gone pro this year but decided to return. Many project him to be a top five pick in next years NFL draft.

3. Brett Swenson - K - Michigan State

How many times did we watch the Penn State offense drive down to the opponent 20 yard line and stall last year? And how many times did we watch Kevin Kelly miss the field goal? The answer is twelve times. By the end of the year I was covering my eyes or leaving the room when he came on the field. Swenson hit 15 of 19 field goals last year as a freshman. He was an impressive 4-for-4 from 40-49 yards with a long of 46. In fairness to Kevin Kelly, he fought off back and hip pain all year. He should be healthy this year, but he's far from automatic.

4. James Laurinaitis - LB - Ohio State

You could plug in Joe Paterno to play alongside Dan Connor and Sean Lee and we would probably still have the best linebackers in the league. We should be more than ok with Navarro Bowman or Terrelle Sales replacing Poz, but having Laurinaitis would be pretty sweet.

5. Vernon Gholston - DT - Ohio State

Penn State is loaded with talent on the defensive line, but they are young and inexperienced. Gholston would be a nice addition to provide some upperclassmen leadership. Plus he eats blockers for lunch and clogs the middle better than silly puddy in the shower drain.

6. Mike Hart - RB - Michigan

Tony Hunt is gone so we're left to hope Austin Scott can live up to half of the potential he came to Penn State with. I would feel better with a proven talent in the backfield this year.

7. Mario Manningham - WR - Michigan

I know I know. A lot of Michigan players on here. But let's face it. They have a ton of talent on the offensive side of the ball. We need a big physical receiver that can muscle his way around in the redzone yet be fast enough to get open on the deep post. Chris Bell may turn into that guy some day, but Manningham is the best in the league right now.

8. James Hardy - WR - Indiana

The dude is 6'7" tall. He's caught 50 balls each of the past two years even though he was suspended for two games in 2006. All this on a pretty pathetic offense, not that we're one to talk.

Any Big Ten players you covet?