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Updated Recruiting Board

I've made some changes to the recruiting board. Rather than post the whole thing at the top I'll just give you a link.

New Jersey wide receiver Dejuan Miller has committed to Oklahoma. His final three came down to OSU, Penn State, and Rutgers. He has had a long relationship with the Oklahoma coaching staff and has a lot of family in the Oklahoma area. It would have been nice to get him, but I can see how the Sooners were a good fit for him.

I added Michigan offensive lineman Deon'tae Pannell. He's kind of flown under the radar of the recruiting services until of late. Now his recruiting is picking up steam. I think it's going to be hard to get him out of Michigan though. He likes the Spartans and really likes the Wolverines. So far Michigan hasn't offered him. He'll be camping in Ann Arbor this year in hopes of getting an offer from them. I think if they do offer he's theirs.

I also added wide receiver Cordale Scott of Cleveland. This looks like a plan B recruit that recently got an offer after Alexander and Miller went elsewhere. Scott is really big on the Buckeyes and has an offer in hand. I would say he's theirs to lose. But they have a small recruiting class that is filling up fast. If he waits too long he may get the door slammed in his face, in which case Penn State could be a good Plan B for him as well.

Finally, I added athlete Lamaar Thomas of Fort Washington, MD. He wants to play a Derrick Williams WR/RB hybrid type role in college, but Penn State is looking at him mostly as a wide receiver. PSU got in late, but Larry Johnson is on him like Phil Fulmer on a bucket of KFC. His offer list isn't overly impressive, and we all know Johnson owns Maryland.

I'm a little slow in going back to recruits that have been on the board for a while and updating their Rivals/Scout ratings and finding new articles to link to. I apologize for that. With the May evaluation period wrapping up I'm just trying to keep up with the new offers coming in right now. When things slow down a bit I'll go back and update some of the guys that have been on the list a while.