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Friday Nitt Picks

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Just a few examples of the things I'm reading through the tubes of the internest this week.

First off, Galen introduces us to the new wrestling recruiting class. It's a fantastic class that has been ranked #3 in the country. I don't have a link, but I understand we also got a verbal commitment for the next class from the #2 wrestler in the country. With 19 of the top 100 wrestling recruits living in Pennsylvania it should be another banner year for Penn State recruiting in 2007.

Maize-n-Brew has a Penn State preview that I think you'll find to be a very entertaining read.

You think you know football? You don't know nothin'. But don't feel bad. I thought I knew a few things, but then I read Volume I of Peter's interview with Chris from Smart Football. Go read it and see if you can learn something.

You got some spare change? Minnesota could use some.

Wisconsin freshman running back John Clay has been ruled acedemically ineligible. Brett Bielema says not so fast my friend. You know, I'm slowly losing respect for Brett Bielema. Players seem to keep avoiding suspensions. Guys who try to rip off opposing players legs and he does nothing. And we all know about his antics making a mockery of the rule books and good sportsmanship as he paces up and down the sideline with that smug grin on his face all proud of himself as if he just got away with stealing the teacher's apple right off her desk. You're on notice, Brett Bielema...not that I'm bitter or anything.

Today is the fifth annual Lift for Life charity event held by PSU athletes. For the record, my money is on The Nitzies.