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Nitt Picks

No time to blog today. I'm out on the road for business, so you get a bunch of homework to read. Not sure how the rest of the week is going to shake out since I just realized I forgot to pack the power cord to my laptop. I'm down to one hour of battery left, so I have to make this quick. As for tomorrow, I'll have to live off the land and come up with a way to charge my laptop if BSD is to make it through the week. Feel free to keep things going in the diaries. This would be a good week to boost a few to the front page. But try to make them a little more than just a link with "blah blah blah 300 characters blah blah blah".

Stiles Points asked me to do a Penn State preview, so I did.

Last week we had some fun going over the Penn State-Notre Dame rivalry. Some of the comments got a little heated. Rakes of Mallow responded and thinks we're delusional.

Justifiably excited coming off a season where they were one last second touchdown away from undefeated, attempts at using logic when discussing the Nittany Lions' upcoming season were dismissed with a wave of the hand and a loud cry of "We Are Penn State!".  You could try bringing up things that Penn State lost going into the 2006 season, like their starting quarterback who finished fifth in Heisman voting, four of their five offensive linemen and eight of their top twelve tacklers including both starting corners and monster defensive end Tamba Hali, but what was more important to them was the fact that they don't have names on their jersey and inane arguments that didn't really make sense.

I may or may not craft a response. I haven't decided yet.

This just in: The Centre Daily Times informs us the Notre Dame game is going to have a lot of interested fans. Thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious. Must have been a slow news day.

SMQ has a very good preview of THE Ohio State Buckeyes that you should go read. It made me smile.

Remember getting robbed against Michigan and Iowa in 2002? Or who could forget the famous 0:02 seconds in Ann Arbor in 2005? Well, maybe it's karma. But we're still not telling Nebraska we're sorry until they admit we deserved a share of the title in 1994.

Everyone says the Big Ten ain't got no speed. Derrick Williams says we got speed.

"Everybody looks at the Big Ten like it's not a fast division," Williams said. "Everybody here was recruited by all those divisions who are saying they're fast."

We're less than two months away from the season and we still don't know who the team captains are going to be. Everyone thinks Dan Connor has it locked up on defense. Could the offensive captain be Terrelle Golden?