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(Un)Paid Service Announcement

The following is a brief announcement for bloggers that cover Big Ten schools. If you're a reader this doesn't pertain to you, but it may interest you and feel free to offer suggestions. If you're a blogger from a school that plays in another conference other than the Big Ten, please move on. There's nothing to see here.

The writers of Maize-n-Brew and Around the Oval are teaming up with myself to organize a collection of Big Ten Bloggers to jointly cover this upcoming football season through weekly roundtables. If interest continues we may run through the basketball season as well.

The goal of these as-yet-unnammed roundtable discussions is to gather perspectives on Big Ten football from every school with an active blogger. We're hoping to get as many blogs to participate as possible, so as to provide a wide range of opinions and analysis.

We're still discussing the details of how the roundtable will work, but basically we envision rotating hosts every week. Each week the host will come up with 3-5 questions for the group and post them on their blog. The members of the group post the questions with their answers on their respective blogs (with a link back to the host blog!). Then the host has the option of hosting a roundup at the end with a summary of the best answers out there.

We think this will be a great way for our readers to learn first-hand about their opponents from those who know and get a chance to see some great writing they might otherwise miss. This will also be a great opportunity to gain exposure for your blog and drive some traffic your way.

The roundtables are open to any blogger that covers a Big Ten school. If you're interested, the first thing you should do is join our google group. Membership is through invitation only, so if you would like to join please drop me an email through the linky thing in the box in the upper right sidebar. Please include your name and blog URL in your email and we'll send you an invite right quick! We'll be working out the details of how this is going to work over the next few weeks.

That is all. We now return you to your regularly scheduled uninformed opinions.