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Penn State Taking a More Politically Correct Image

Folks, this political correctness crap is getting out of hand.

Penn State Office of Sports Information
University Park, PA

In the aftermath of the April 1 altercation between several Penn State football players and students in State College, the university Athletic Department has examined the corporate image of the athletic program and determined that certain changes are necessary. In attempt to create a softer, less violent image, these changes will be made effective immediately.

All references to violent activity will be removed from all university sanctioned slogans, cheers, and fight songs. These words will be replaced with words the Athletic Department feels better project the hard work, dedication, and sportsmanship we expect from our student athletes in keeping with our "Success with Honor" brand.

The school fight song, Nittany Lion, will remain as is with the exception of the last line in which "Fight for her honor! Fight! And Victory again!" will be replaced with "Play for her honor! Go! And Victory again!"

The traditional song Fight On State will require several changes since it holds several references to fighting, hitting, and striking. Effective immediately the words to Fight on State are as follows (changes in parenthesis)

(Play) on State, (Play) on State,
(Get) your gait and win,
Victory we predict for thee,
We're ever true to you dear old
White and Blue,
Onward State, Onward State,
Roar Lions roar,
We'll (cross) that line, roll up the score,

(Play) on to victory evermore,
(Move) on, on,
On, on, on,
(Move) on, on,
Penn State!

To help acclimate our loyal fans to these changes, the new song lyrics will be displayed on all stadium scoreboards before, during, and after all university sanctioned games. We encourage Penn State fans to review these changes and continue cheering on our student athletes.

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This was just a joke. The fight songs are ok (as far as I know). So better recall that email to Tim Curley.