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Friday Nitt Picks

Things are pretty slow this week. I guess everyone is on a long weekend so there isn't much news. Here are some Nitt Picks for you to enjoy.

Reader We Are writes a diary directing our attention to a College Football News article predicting Penn State and Georgia in the Capital One Bowl. That would put us around 10-2 or 11-1 which seems about right to me.

Members of the National Champion fencing and men's gymnastics teams got to meet Dubya in the Whitehouse.

The fifth annual Penn State Lift for Life is next week. Lift for Life is a charity event in which Penn State athletes raise awareness and money for the Kidney Cancer Foundation.

You can tell the college football season is approaching by the number of new team blogs that have sprung up in the past month. Lots of new talented writers are out there giving it the ol' college try. I've listed several of them on the blogroll on the right sidebar, but I would appreciate it if you all bookmarked these pages and checked them regulary. Starting a blog can be discouraging when you write things day after day and it seems like nobody is reading it. So go check out some of these new Big Ten Blogs I found.

The Hoosier Report is a great blog covering the Indiana Hoosiers.
Wisconsin Badger Sports Fan has been going strong since February now.
Gopher Nation and Paging Jim Shikenjanski have you covered on all things Minnesota.
Bleeding Purple is the first true Northwestern blog I've ever come across. He just started up two weeks ago. Being from a smart school I'm expecting some good writing there.
Hawkeye State has been around for a while, but it's a relatively unknown blog that deserves more attention.

There also a few new Penn State blogs popping up out there. Check out Nit Notes, a blog written by a professional journalist from a major Central Pennsylvania newspaper. He has all kinds of contacts and shares inside info he gets from his sources. Interesting stuff.

Then go check out Penn State vs. Notre Dame, a blog that is "Dedicated to the rivalry that is Penn State v Notre Dame." They say when you start a blog you should pick a niche. Well, this is about as nichey as they get. I'm not sure what these guys are going to do after September 9 since it may be another 15 years before the two schools meet in football again.

Good luck to all the new bloggers and everyone enjoy your weekend! I'm hoping to post my Michigan Preview by Monday morning so that's what I'll be working on.