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Quarless and Harriott in Trouble

Probably nothing serious, but Andrew Quarless and Willie Harriott were charged with underage drinking.

Officers responded to the area of Building 12 at Nittany Apartments for a report of suspicious activity.  Three students were stopped in the vicinity and found to have consumed alcohol, while being less than twenty-one years of age.  The following persons were each issued a citation for a Liquor Law Violation:  Heather Ann Hirneisen, 341 Douglas Drive, State College, PA; Andrew Quarless, 319 Chester Street, Uniondale, NY; Willie Earl Harriott, 600 East Pollock Road, Apt. 1102, State College, PA.

College students drinking alcohol before they turn 21? This is SHOCKING! Probably just an extra laps variety of offense. They may sit out the first quarter of a few games so as long as FIU, Notre Dame, and Buffalo don't run out to 30 point first quarter leads we're ok. The bad news is this should give us the extra two points we need to jump into the lead for the Fulmer Cup.