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Charges Dropped Against Anthony Scirrotto

FOS is reporting that charges against Anthony Scirrotto have been dropped.

WMAJ Radio ESPN 1450 in State College is reporting that felony charges against Penn State safety Anthony Scirrotto have been dropped.
According to the station, Scirrotto has been cleared of charges of burglary, simple assault and criminal trespass in connection to a downtown fight that occurred April. 1. The station said Centre County Common Pleas Judge Charles Brown dismissed the charges recently after considering testimony presented in a hearing last month.

However, WMAJ reports that non-felony charges of criminal trespass and harassment are still pending vs. Scirrotto.

Normally I'm not a big fan of taking points off the board, but in this case, take 'em down, baby!

No word on Chris Baker at this time. He has a different attourney that is taking a different approach. Scirrotto's lawyer filed a few weeks ago to have the charges dismissed entirely and it appears that move has payed off. Baker's lawyer is going down the sketchy "mistaken identity" path. We'll see if these latest developments change her strategy.