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Why Must Charlie Weis Explain Everything to You?

My third chin is smarter than you!
This may become a recurring feature here at BSD. Every time I read a Charlie Weis quote I come away with a new appreciation for how arrogant the man is. Today's Charlie Weis reminder that he's smarter than you involves the Notre Dame starting quarterback situation.
Thursday night following practice, Weis said for the first time he had made his choice.

"I'm absolutely sure who the starting quarterback is," he said.

Weis became agitated when asked further about his choice.

"Do you think I'm going to be so fickle that I won't know who the quarterback is going to be?" he asked.

Pressed further, Weis said he has known for a week or two who would start. But he said he still hasn't told the player.

"I'm not positive if he knows. Because if I told him, then he'd have to lie to you if you asked him the question," Weis said.

Although Weis knows the starter, all three are continuing to work with the first team offense. Weis said he hasn't told the team who will start, but he thinks they know.

"I think if they haven't figured it out by now then they're not very smart," Weis said.

He knows who the starting quarterback is. He wants you to know he knows who the starting quarterback is. But he's not going to tell you because then he wouldn't be smarter than you anymore. Give it a rest, Charlie.