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Reader Mailbag

The other day I had some not-so-nice things to say about the Big East.

But there is one thing I know. The Big East is not good. They play nobody except themselves. You can't put seven 130 lb men in a room, have them duke it out, and declare the winner the heavyweight champion of the world. West Virginia has no business being in the top five. I don't care about their bowl wins the past two seasons. They didn't beat anyone impressive in my book. Their offense rocks but their defense sucks. Put them in the Big Ten or SEC and they instantly lose three games. The same applies to Louisville.

That prompted another email from our punctuationally challenged friend Jason who I presume to be a Big East fan.

You know dude - you really fit in well with those republican white breads up in farm country - the way you spin things - you should take over for Karl Rove - "everything is going as it should in Iraq and the Big Ten is superior".....a little research shows the Big 10 was 4-8 against top 25 teams (final USA Today poll) last year......let's also mention Illinois lost to Big East bottom feeder Syracuse and Rutgers, Indiana lost to UConn and SIU, Nortwestern lost to Nevada (this is getting pretty ridiculous at this point), Minnesota lost to Texas Tech and nearly lost to North Dakota State!!!???? (10-9).............OK, Spin Master - spin away - remember now, the more you tell a lie, pretty soon it becomes a "truth"......just like we NEED the Big Ten Network......thank God for Florida setting the nation right about Big Ten football.

I guess he must have hit his punctuation limit for one email because he sent me another one right after the first one.

Before you get your glasses fogged up and your white socks up to your knees sweaty.....that was 4-8 against top 25 teams not from the Big 10 ..........pretty much the same argument you use for Big East football - they only beat top 25 teams from their own conference - OK - now spin away.

Oh snap! How to respond to that? First of all, I never claimed the Big Ten to be the best conference in the land. I defy anyone to find a link on BSD where I said that and I'll eat a healthy portion of crow if you can find one. I just think the Big East is overrated. That's all.

Jason puts up a bunch of useless facts like Big Ten bottom feeders losing to Big East bottom feeders and then accuses me of "spinning the facts". His statistic of Big Ten teams being 4-8 against ranked opponents is interesting. So I used Jason's logic against him. A little research of my own shows the Big East went 2-3 against ranked opponents outside of the conference. The wins came against the only other conference to rival Big East as the worst BCS conference, the ACC. Louisville claims both victories over Miami and Wake Forest. Miami sucked last year and Wake Forest only ended up in the BCS partly because Miami, Florida State, and Virginia Tech all sucked.

How about the mighty SEC? They're widely considered the kings of college football, right? How did they do against ranked competition? A rather mediocre 6-4.

So what can we conclude? Besides the fact the Big Ten has twice as many top 25 wins, nothing much. But we can see that though the Big Ten had a down year, they still played ranked opponents 12 times while the Big East only played ranked opponents five times. The Big Ten claimed wins over Notre Dame, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee despite losses to Notre Dame (3), Cal, USC, Florida, Texas, and Hawaii. Nobody can deny there is no shame in losing to any of these teams. They are a proverbial who's who of college football and most of them are starting the season ranked this year.

The point here is I will not give the Big East any respect until they play opponents on a higher level. Bash the Big Ten all you want, but at least they're out there playing people which is more than we can say about the Big East.

But maybe I should explain this in a language Jason would understand.

Give it up, Dude...................The Big East sucks!!!!!!!!The Big Ten Rulz.......What is your problem?????????